Since 2006, I photograph the seaweed, the marine vegetable,
To create very pictorial images.
Do not look for the seaweed, but let catch yourselves by your imagination,
It is it which is going to amaze you and to glorify my work.
I wished to accompany these photos of poems.
Thanks to Silvia Guzzi for his choice of poetries.
Thanks to the authors: Alessandro Brusa, Carlos Vitale, Sonia Lambertini,
Isabelle Bonat-Luciani, Daniele Casolino and Pier Francesco De Iulio.

Deliver size(format) 21 x 27 cms, 96 pages, stuck sewn back.
Cover(Blanket) Slept modern 1/2 matt 300 g / m2, matt lamination,
Modern Slept inside 1/2 matt 170 g / m2
65 photograph Price 29€ (excluding postage)
To command send me e-mail via the page contact, thank you.